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Directions for downloading MP3 songs to your computer:
(A cable modem, T1 or DSL connection is strongly recommended)

1. Hover your mouse over the song you want and click the RIGHT mouse button;

2. In the dialog box that opens, hover over "SAVE TARGET AS" and click the LEFT mouse button;

3. Select a location on your hard drive (a good place might be the "MY MUSIC" folder in the "MY DOCUMENTS" section);

4. Click the LEFT mouse button on "SAVE".

To Play the Song from your own computer:

1. Open Windows Explorer (Start / Programs / Accessories / Windows Explorer or simply press "E" while holding the "Window" key on your keyboard);

2. Find the song (double click"MY DOCUMENTS" then "MY MUSIC")

3. Double Click on the song.

This technique also works for most photos and images on the web!

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