Dry Spell
#PAU 3-423-268

Lyrics by Melodie Somers
Music by Melodie Somers & Donald Adamczyk

I look at you, you look away;
I touch your arm, you go.
I say your name; you donít hear me;
Thereís nothiní left but "no."

I go to my room, but you donít follow;
I go to yours, you sleep.
Iím at the door, you brush right by me;
Why do I lie? Lie and weep?

This dry spellís a desert thatís lost its bloom.
Who are you? I thought I knew.
Who are "we?"  Whatís left to do?
But if we stay...
More sad songs to play.

A ghost that walks, I ghost talk, too;
I reach for you, my hand goes through.
You stare ahead but never see me .
The chiding wind whispers "fool."

I lie to myself, in time youíll want me.
My eyes wonít see, whatís true.
Why do I pretend, thereís something left here --
In this long dry spell, for two?

And if I stay... More sad songs to play