Maybelle Dillworth
PAu 3-349-147 , effective 10/16/2007.
Music & Lyrics by Melodie Somers
Music Arrangement by Donald Adamczyk

Verse 1
Maybelle Dillworth got up at dawn.
Put her raincoat ‘n rain hat on.
Got the dog up on the seat
Of Earnie’s old rusty red Ford;
Swearin’ she’d outrun the storm;
Bein’ sent in the wind by the Lord...
But the rains are comin
And Time keeps the score.

Verse 2
She drove past the firehouse ‘n past Sue’s Store.
Waved at the mailman, foot to the floor.
Dark clouds racin’ ‘cross the sky;
She pulled up ‘n parked in her spot;
The lone streetlight glowed in the lot;
Butcher Ned opened his shop...
But the rains are comin
‘N Time just won’t stop.

And, oh, life is good;
The rain smells so fine;
The wind’s on my face;
My glass full of wine.
The dog’s in his place;
This sweet life is mine.
[Let’s make a little stew....
Some stew for me and some for you.]

Verse 3
Maybelle picked out two bones for the pot;
Rushed to the produce at the end of the lot.
Rain started rinsin’ Farmer Bill’s crop
Laid on the bed of his trucks.
Grabbed some ‘tatoes, some carrots, some robb
And handed him all of three bucks.
But the rains are comin’ --
Your soon outa luck.

 [Gonna make a little stew....
Some for me and some for you.]

Verse 4
While Maybelle Dillworth stirred her brew,
Sonny snoozed on the rug right through.
Smells wrapped around them like a friendly hug.
The old dog started to snore;
Then somebody banged on her door.
The water seeped in on her floor...
‘Cause the rains have come
And Time says "No more."

And, oh, Life is good;
Trees & grass smell so fine.
The pot’s on the heat;
My glass full of wine.
Ole dog’s at my feet;
This ole life is sweet.
Just makin’ a little stew...
Some for me ‘n some for you.

Verse 5
Ole dog barked - Maybelle opened the door.
Firemen’s boat was rockin’ on her porch.
"Maybelle, your flooded ‘n this rain ain’t done.
Grab the mutt and put on your coat.
Come on, woman! Git in the boat!"
Well, howdy, Bubby.  Glad we can float.
But my stew is comin’ --
Or I just don’t go."

[But don’t forget the stew....
Some for me and some for you.]

Don’t leave without the stew.
No, never forget the stew.
‘Cause the rain’s are comin’...
The rain’s are comin’...
The rain’s are comin’...
 It’s not up to you.....
No, it’s not up to you.....