Lyrics by Melodie Somers 5/2007
Music by Donald Adamczyk 7/2007
PAu 3-345-480; 8/29/2007

Did I hear you say, "I Love You?"
Now just what does that mean?
Are you really sayin’ “Want” or “Need”
Or leave me’n I’ll bleed?
Do you like how I walk?
Do you like when we talk?
Do you like what I got cookin
In my oven when you knock?

It’s not the first time down this street.
It’s not the first walk on this beat.
You’re not the first fire to cause this heat.
You’re not the first but you sure are sweet;
So, kiss me, darlin’ – just please don’t speak --
‘Cause I heard it all before.

Hey, did I heard you say, "I love you?"
Now, do you know just what you mean?
Yeah, you’re lookin’ in my direction,
But are you really talkin’ to me?
Did I make myself clear?
Well, then, put down that beer.
Pull that pistol from your pocket -
Got a holster right here...

[Chorus – 2x]