Tease Me

Lyrics by Melodie Somers
Music by Donald Adamczyk

Now, when you stepped into the room tonight,
I knew you came in here to dance.
So, I moved up to your bar stool,
Hopin’ you might take a chance.

Now the drums are talkin’ to us, boy;
The beat’s tryin’ to melt that ice.
So, get off your seat ‘n get on your feet,
‘N I’ll give you some advice:

Get down baby, git your motor goin’, ya please me - TEASE ME!
Get down baby, no time for slowin’, just squeeze me - TEASE ME!!
Get down baby, the guitar’s hummin’, ya seize me - TEASE ME!!
Tease me baby, like you did before;
Tease me baby, all around the floor;
Tease me baby, ‘til I cry for more.

Why don’t you spin me round the dance floor,
Then I’ll let you hold me tight;
‘Cause your mama ain’t here to stop you,
We can rock all through the night.

Caught you smilin’ at me, brown eyes,
Don’t be thinkin’ ‘bout romance;
Got the music rushin’ through me,
And I just gotta dance.

[Chorus] 2X